Saturday, July 16, 2011

City Planners/Optimizers

  These can be found when you open up the city notes. City planner 1 is just that a planner. City planner 2 (CP2) is a planner/optimizer. CP2 can only be found using scripts to enhance the game features found at You must be using Firefox, with GreaseMonkey Add-on or Google Chrome for the scripts to work. There is a third city planner that is useful, but difficult to use City Planner 3 (CP3). I don't like it cause it causes extra work that was eliminated when EA added the button for CP1. So i won't discuss it any further. Just know it results into the 1st one if you find it and use it.

CP1 is an in game planner found in your city note pad, click the button that is marked "city planner."  This will take you to a manual planner that you can use to optimize your layout and improve resource/troop production. You will want to save your layout when you are done. Copy and paste is all that is needed, follow instructions below:

There is a button that says short URL on the bottom right of the map (CP1). Click it!
Highlight short URL then copy it.
Return to LOU, click on notepad anywhere in box.
Then paste link to note pad.
Then hit red X. Your done.

If you type something into your city notes, it stays there until you delete it!
You can Check it if you like! It will be there.

To get to CP2 you need to click on the L button to the right of your construction speed after installing the scripts. Click on Open Flash City Planner 2 (CP2). Flash planner 1 is CP1 as listed above (like I said, it was added into the game by EA). CP2 actually gives you a grid to work with, as well as an optimizer.

Instruction can get very detailed with this CP, so I recommend you play with it for a while, at least until you see a layout you like.

To copy the short URL, you will need to click on the Import/Export button at the top of the planner.
Highlight the short link, Copy it. Then paste the link on your city notepad. Just as before it will stay there until you delete it!

I will eventually offer example layouts that you can use at any time during your playing of the game. I will post them as a Short URL in CP1. As I am still trying to tweak my game play layouts.

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